This i how we do it

Well well.
This morning I got up and jumped back uinto the Insanity program again. The scheduled workout was the Plyometric circuit. I could do more than before. Sweated a tonne. I feel great. :)

Last night I hung out at my brothers and we had gluten free birthday cupcakes (lemon raspberry! Yum) and played cards and hung out. After I came home and put a coat of paint onto 2 bookshelves and some work around the house. I feel good about how it all went. The day off did me some good and it was nice and relaxing. I hope to get up and do my morning workout early friday before we head out to Edmonton for a play friday night, but we'll see. We have plans for things to do there and want to get to a lighting store and Ikea before we have supper with friends and get out to the Welcome to Nightvale play so I'll play it by ear. Life is more important than fitting in a workout sometimes. What you can when you can :)

Gotta run. Much to do. Have a great day!

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Yum Yucky said...

I think it's so cool the way you do your blog. It's like a life journal that you will always have. Find a way to back up your posts and make them into a personal book you can grab off your coffee table and read when you're 80.