Me + Quinoa = sad panda

This morning I got up and did the Cardio recovery and Cardio Abs workouts despite my craptastic sleep last night. Since we are heading to Edmonton really early tomorrow I dodn't think there'd be time for me to do botht the Cardio Abs and Pure Cardio tomorrow morning so this way I should be good to go. We were going for the whole weekend, but J just got a great gig doing lasers at a big 2 room halloween party saturday night (and got me free admission too...bonus) so we'll be heading back home e saturday morning instead of staying all weekend and visiting my friends like I'd hoped. It's a shame, but for the best. This gig could lead to lots of other work for J in the future, so it's a good thing in the end. We will still get to go to Ikea and pick up a set of lights for J, but still...wish I could visit with them more.

Last night was fun and sucky at the same time. I had some birthday money to spend so I we headed to the mall and I picked up a nice big tea infuser travel bottle from David's tea, some new undies at La Senza and then a bat onesie costume just because...well...there was a bat onesie costume. How do you not get one of those? It has wings people! I flap my arms and I have bat wings! Yup, I'm pleased :)

We came home and I made another burger from that awesome vegetarian burger cookbook I have - walnut quinoa bean burgers with ginger and onion and lemon. They were very tasty...but an hour after eating I started getting stomach cramps and as the night progressed I ended up with serious abdominal pain and nausea for the rest of the evening right thru until about 4 am. I managed to fall asleep thankfully at one point, but I woke up a lot and just had a miserable sleep. I totally forgot that back before I was sick I had developed a sensitivity to quinoa. For some reason some people just do...apparently if you don't rinse quinoa really well it has a natural compound in it that is designed to deter things from eating it and some people can develop an intolerance to that compound and then not be able to eat it even if you rinse it well. Sometimes you can recover from it and eat it again...but it appears I am definitely NOT in that camp of lucky people. Even though I rinsed the quinoa very well before I cooked it I spent a lot of time last night feeling miserable like I haven't felt since chemotherapy. Ugh. I love quinoa but this has reaffirmed that I am definitely not able to eat it anymore. I have no desire to feel like that again if I can prevent it. Those of you with GI issues...I don't know how you do it. So, sadly, there are a few remaining delicious burgers for J to eat today...I think I might try making them with barley or some other grain and see if they still hold together. Pity...

Well I should be off - lots to do today. I'm taking tomorrow off so I need to get things done and then relax for my birthday tomorrow. It's gonna be a good one. So looking forward to it :)

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Yum Yucky said...

omg. That bat onsie. I need it.