Happy birthday to me

What a great weekend.
Friday was fun. Woke up on my birthday to workout and then we headed to Edmonton. We managed to have time to pick up some lights for J and also head through Ikea (!!!) and get some things for the bathroom renos and visit a friend for an hour so J could help him with some lighting tech stuff. We managed to get a nice visit in with Troy and Cindi and her kids and the Welcome to Nightvale live show was great. J dressed as a hooded figure and there were a lot of people in costume. There was a man in the tan jacket, a number of Carlos's and Joseph Finks and a few hooded figures. It was a great experience...I love to support live theater like this. If they ever come back we'll definitely try and come again. We even got in more visiting and an awesome breakfast with Troy and Cindi before we had to head back home.

J was doing lasers at a great 2 room Halloween party. He kicked ass and impressed some people who will likely be able to get him more gigs which is great. I got in free and pulled out my Leela costume I've had around for a while but never worn. Comfiest costume ever! I had a lot of fun. I love Halloween and costume parties....mind you I don't really need any excuse to wear a costume :)

Yesterday was a lazy day. A free extra day was what if felt like...we slept in and made luxurious breakfast. I did a little painting but other than that we relaxed together, ordered in Thai food and dug out our old 2 person bean bag chair from storage to snuggled up to watch a few movies. I put on my bat onesie and made a Desert Pear Cosmopolitans...I finally picked up the last ingredient (Absolut Pear) when we were in Edmonton. It was the signature drink at the resort I was at in Arizona and I pestered the bartender to give me the recipe. We also drank the last bottle of apple malomel I made a few years ago and it was even better with age... I feel refreshed and happy about a great birthday weekend.

This week in Insanity is the recovery week before month 2 starts. There's a Cardio Recovery workout to do every day all week. It's not too hard...but I think I'm gonna get bored before the end of the week...maybe bust out for a run half way through to break it up. We'll see. I skipped my saturday workout because we were out and about so maybe I can do whatever that was supposed ot be on wednesday or something. Who knows. I'm working to find balance...I was able to rock skinny jeans for my Leela costume on saturday so I know I'm doing alright whatever I'm doing. Consistency and getting back to it...that's the key. A few days of indulgence here and there just make life more fun :)

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JavaChick said...

Happy birthday!

We just finished a bathroom reno. Hope yours goes more smoothly than ours did. :)