Clothing swap

Last night I went to my first clothing swap at a friend's house. I have to say - what a great idea. Everyone brings the clothes they don't wear anymore but are still in good shape (I had 2 bags full I'd been collecting) and they are laid out by category around the house. Everyone who comes takes a number and then each person gets to pick 3 items. This happens 2 or 3 times and then it's a free for all for what's left. Whatever is left after is donated to the local women's shelter. I came home with a bag of cool new stuff, got to visit with a friend of mine that I never get to see and met some new people. It was a lot of fun.

Being a social misfit the thought of being in a house with 13 women of whom I only knew 2 was a bit freaky but I was surprised again by the goodness of people. I have always gotten along better with guys than girls and am not a typical girly girl so I don't always play well with other women. I was nervous to go over but knew I should get out and have fun and wanted to see my friend Rachelle who I never get to see, so I put on my big girl sparkle panties and went over. The thing is, I still vividly remember back to being bullied and treated poorly when I was a chubby teen and that feeling and assuming people will be that way to me now always comes back and hangs out in the back of my mind when I'm off to meet new people, especially new women. I forget that I'm "normal" now (at least on the outside!). I am happy to say that everyone was nice and kind and I laughed and met new people. Everyone was suggesting clothes for others and there was no meanness. Just a fun time with a glass of wine and some nice people.

It was a good weekend. Got things done around the house and we picked up most of what we need for our bathroom reno that my dad is coming to help us with next month (Rona had a scratch sale so we saves some serious cash). The tub and sink we ordered have shipped (but not the special drain yet...gulp) and I'm hopeful they'll arrive on time (trying not to worry).We even picked up a floor rug for the living room that is super soft. I have been competing with the cats to lie on it. :) I'm also happy to report that the AppleTV works. We were able to buy the Season 9 to watch and saw the season premiere. So good. It's gonna be nice catching up and not having ot put my fingers in my ears and go "la! la! la! la! la!" whenever someone talks about the show. :) We have dragged ourselves into the technology of 5 years ago. Ooh. Ah.

This morning was the first fit test after 2 weeks of Insanity. 8 exercises for 1 minute with breaks. I really made some improvements! I don't have the numbers here with me but it was 1/4-1/3 better for all of the things except for the low jacks and plank crunches which I have already been doing regularly...although I still did a few more of those. For me the biggest change was the push-up jacks. I could do 25 on my toes!! To start I could only do 12 on my toes and then a few more on my knees. I kinda thought the fit test was a silly idea but now I get why they do it - so you can see how you're improving. Even though I struggle with keeping up on the workouts and still have to rest a fair bit on the Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs workouts I am getting stronger and faster.
Operation Uberfrau is definitely happening :)

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