Again with the waiting

I am so f*cking frustrated.

I just called my surgeons office AGAIN since I was told I would receive a letter mid september telling me of my November surgery date and was told AGAIN that they actually STILL do not have a date set for me. They were on holidays for a few weeks so things are pushed back.
It gets better.
I will NOW be in December (instead of November like previously said (and October before that)) AND I can't even get any specific date range yet since they haven't been assigned their time for that month yet. I just have to wait. This is making me wish I'd just taken the October date they offered me even though it didn't fit into my life at least I'd be done with it. I was just so sick of my being sick interfering with my life. I wanted to be able to travel for my birthday. I didn't expect to be penalized for it.
So AGAIN I just have to sit here and bloody wait and wait for a letter to arrive for my surgery (up to 1 month beforehand) and NOT plan my life or know what the heck is up with my holidays now either. I have been unable to plan anything substantial since August. How will my christmas be? Who knows? ARGH!
It ALSO means that the swap out surgery for this at the very end will likely now fall somewhere in the summer which I DO NOT want to have happen. This was supposed to all be done by then. So I have to either heal during my fun summer time OR keep my uncomfortable expanders in until the fall...or who knows how long I'll have to wait for THAT appointment then? It's maddening.


I know this is technically elective surgery but I hate being at the whims of others and having to just submit to whatever they say I need to do. I mean, his secretary asked if this scheduling in December was OK. Well no it isn't but what choice do I have? They made it sound like it was my fault since I turned down the october date. I'm not going to lip her off because she's just doing her job. I've been good. I did my time and all the treatments they gave me and I didn't complain. I did my time. Now all I want is my bloody breast back so I can put this all behind me and get on with things.

I just want a date set that will work for me. Is that too much to ask?


Yum Yucky said...

Ugh. Doctors and medical office administration and health insurance whack jobs are so dang frustrating. I throw them all into the same pot when it comes to screwing things up and inconveniencing people. I'm sorry this isn't working out as planned. :(

grapecat said...

nope - not too much to ask :( boo hiss. hang in there x

solarity said...

They do it to their own, too, though. My doctor's hip surgery was rescheduled twice--which meant rescheduling all his patients twice, which is why I know….

Mary Anne in Kentucky