Well the Run for the Cure was this weekend and it was a blast! Our team rocked the boobie hats and lab coats and walked the 5K in a misty cold weather day. Even tho Larry, Avin and Joyce couldn't come because they were under the weather the team had a lot of fun. Little Zoe drew names for the gift basket raffle I had put together and we went out for brunch after. And...get this...our team total for fundraising was $5471! Isn't that crazy? I am overwhelmed by the hardwork of my team mates and the generosity of our friends and families. We worked to make a difference in breast cancer research and support right here at home. My heart is full. :)
This morning I started my Insanity program. I'm gonna do it and eat well up until my surgery whenever the hell that ends up being. This month is all about health. I did the first workout which is a fit test and wrote down my scores and I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm gonna smash this out and see where it gets me.

Have a wonderful day all of you!

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Yum Yucky said...

I have both Insanity and T25. I started T25 this morning. It seems I've put on a few extra pounds when I switched out most of my weights & HITT training for running all summer instead. I will never make that mistake again. Ever. I thought I could just change things up to keep it fresh for the summer, but I sabotaged myself. Running only, while keeping the same food choices as usual, did not work. I'm am kinda mad a myself, but this had been a learning experience. Will be posting before & after pics once I'm done the program.