Coming to 'Murica

Tomorrow I go to 'Murica for a week for training. Scottsdale, Arizona to be precise. I'm hoping to have a bit of free time to check out Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd excited) and maybe an outlet mall or just indulge my inner teen goth at the Hot Topic in town and leave it at that. I don't have much spare moolah to blow and the dollar sucks at the moment so I may just be wandering for my amusement in air conditioned places :) Mostly though I think I'll just find some decent local ale and sit by the pool in the sun and read a book or two when I'm not in training. It's gonna be really hot (33-40 C) and I don't want to go on any long hikes if it's gonna be that warm. It should be kinda fun exploring a bit...hopefully their transit system isn't to sucky. I like to explore new cities and check out their local charm and architecture and I'm expecting a lot of the surrounding city to be geared to oler people who like to golf so I'm just hoping I can relax and maybe find some authentic mexican food.
 The resort we're in for the conference seems pretty swanky (I'm an Econolodge kinda gal) so I'm hoping they have a good gym in it and a nice pool to sit out in. I'm heading down with a few coworkers so I won't be all alone, but I'm not sure if they're into the same sort of things I am so I'll wait and see. I'm hoping we can sync up for a few things...
We shall see.
I'll just be happy to find my passport and get down there alright...we leave here at 5:45 AM. Who flies a plane at that hour? Noone sane.

On a side note...I just googled going to America and this came up. So much sparkles and cheese. Hee hee.


solarity said...

Unfortunately I cannot remember a single thing my cousin who lived in Scottsdale for years ever said about it, except he liked living there… Hope you find things to like.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

I love that song by Neil Diamond! I hope your 'murica trip has been fun. Arizona is over 2,000 miles away from where I am. I've never been there.