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Good day! I am back from Arizona a bit tanned and quite happy. Holy hotness Batman!
The training was amazing and I managed to get a few hikes in when it "cooled off" (ha ha) to 28 C one evening...

sunrise mountain hike on my last day

I could get used to resort living...
Now I'm back and trying to get things organized for my team that is running the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run fro the Cure in 2 weeks. The Scientits are all trying to rais our pledges and I've gotten some great local Farmer's Market businesses to donate some gourmet goodness for a few raffle baskets too so hopefully we'll do well. I have pink fabric to make boob hats for us all (I tried knitting and well...I have half of one hat, so yeah...not enough for the team!).

As a side note, usually I keep my personal info separate, but if any of you would like to pledge to my run, leave me a message and I will email you the link to my team pledge page. :) I just don't want to post it out here on my blog...with my job I have to keep things very separate and private from my real life...hence the Geosomin and the lack of use of my real name. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid...but I hope you don't all take it personally. YOU all I's all the rest of the interwebs that worry me...

Have a great day :)


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