Crazy Aunt training

Well it's been a good week so far. I'm off the fancy shmancy pain meds and just on the odd advil and I've felt good enough to walk to work and back home yesterday and today, so I'm taking that as a good sign. I tried to get up this morning to do some upper body work but my comfy bed had me stay...I figured I needed rest so I'll try again tomorrow.
I got to go visit my bestie Heather last night and hang out with her and her husband and little Xander. He's such a tiny guy, but they're all doing pretty well. After a few weeks they've actually gotten a bit of sleep and were up to some company so it was good to hang out and catch up and ogle after little Xander. He's such a cute little guy.  He's almost 7 Lbs now. He's getting those chubby cheeks. Hee hee.

Xander the Cute

I got a bit wistful spending time with Xander...a bit sulky coming to terms again that there will be no little Max or Alice for us ever...but you know it's  really OK. I just plan on being the best "Auntie" I can be for Xander :) Perhaps I'll become even more of a crazy cat person. Who knows. All I know is this kid has so many people who love him so much already that he's bound to be a good guy. :)
I must be off. It's the "everything break in the lab" week so I have lots of warranty people to fight with. And because it's all lab related it's 5 times the price for no reason. Ah well, this is why they pay me.
Later taters...


solarity said...

Xander looks quite pleased with the world. No child can have too many Crazy Aunts. My specialty.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

Xander is a bundle of sweetness!
Sorry about the lab. If you need backup, I'm good at arguing with people over products I'm pissed about.