3! 3 holes! Ah ah ah!

Well it's been just over a week since my surgery. I'm quite happy to say it all went very well and I just have 3 little holes in mah belly that are healing up quite well. I wish that one of them was further off to the side. I do love my stomach and was hoping not to have any really visible scars, but oh well…. the one longest one (about 1 inch long - the other are about 1/4 inch long) is in my bellybutton so you can't really see it at all and the other is down by my hip so it's not too bad really. Considering what they could all do and how little of a mark it left I am quite amazed.
Again I was fine after the anaesthetic and other than the morphine making me want to sing a lot I was home after a few hours and feeling quite good - no issues form the gas they put into you for the surgery. I keep imagining in my head "what if my ovaries are now free floating and they start moving around in there?" - yeah I know that's not true…but if I can't see it…how can I be sure! He hee. Truth be told I really am glad it went so well. As of today I'm pretty much back to normal as far as how I can move and sit and what I can wear, although my tummy is still a bit puffy and I still need to take it easy exercise wise and hold off for at least another week to make sure things finish healing up well. I got to recover form the worst of it (which really wasn't that bad at all) up at my Dad's at the lake and visit with him and my sister and her husband. It was fantastic to relax and visit. We stopped by my mum's grave on the way up too which was nice.
After a week back at work I'm settling back into things. Feeling good enough that my brother and I dug up his raised garden beds today and mixed in some diaper gel and planted our garden for the year-it sounds weird I know but if you take the insides of diapers out and rip them up and moisten them they can be worked into potting soil to hugely increase soil's ability to retain water and they're completely safe…like squishy vermiculite. I've not done it in a garden before but we're gonna see if it makes the veggies happier in the raised beds by retaining water since last year they really dried out. We hit a greenhouse and picked up some squash, cucumbers, melons and a few kinds of tomatoes and then laid out rows of seeds of carrots, onions, spinach and basil along with some herbs that we tucked into a few smaller pots. We put a few flowers in there too that are supposed to help keep the bugs down...I even have small pots of mint, thyme, basil and chives that I brought home and my SIL has all those plus some oregano and lavender at her place for her. I have to find places for the herbs where Dax won't eat them, but I think I can make it work. Man, I do love gardening. :) Today was fun -we just hung out all day today since J was working all day (doing lighting and sound for one of the local Pride Week events) and then had pancakes and bacon for supper - a great day.
my pot of thyme

Ze garden

Now, since I had a bunch of tea at my brudders too late I am wired for sound accidentally so I'm off to watch a girly movie with the cats. I have to pick up J when he's done tonight at about 4 am so I'll do my best to amuse myself until then. I have a few books…and snacky cakes...and a glass of gwertz...so life is indeed good even if Netflix has nothing cheesy to offer me for entertainment.
I hope you all have had a fantastic week! Later taters... :)


solarity said...

I am glad to hear it went well. An urge to sing sounds like a desirable side effect.

I am now slain with garden jealousy.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

The diaper gel trick? Well how about that!!!