chocolate banana cream cheese icing - oh yeah


It was a busy but fun weekend. The gf banana chocolate cake with chocolate banana cream cheese icing for my brudder's birthday backyard BBQ was a hit and the show friday night was great too. J did great at his visuals and it was a fun night - an all vinyl funk dance party after 2 good local bands started it off. J worked all weekend and made some $$ and feels better about his work again and I got to relax. There was much kitty luv too.

I was gonna go see the Jurassic Park movie with Heather but she ended up having to tend to a sick Xander so that never got to happen. Yeah, the only downside to the weekend was poor little Xander going in the hospital on saturday with a bladder infection (poor little guy - he's such a trooper) - he had a fever and was crying and they couldn't calm him or get the temp. down so they took him in since he is so little and it's good they did. Once they figured out what the problem was and got him on the road to recovery with some antibiotics my friends and their little one were much calmer. He's still in the hospital for another day or so and I will see if I can pop by for a visit today. Heather has been reading aloud to him to pass the time and has kept it up in the hospital... currently it's a Dresden files novel. It's hilarious - she said the nurses walked in yesterday while she was reading a scene involving attacking werewolves and they looked a bit confused, but Xander was cooing and smiling at her voice happily...this guy's gonna be a  proper little nerd oh yes. :)

This morning was just over 2 weeks post surgery so I can get back to some fitness so I dragged my ass out of bed to do my upper body workout and a shwack of squats. Still shouldn't do anything ab intensive, but "regular" non-core related workouts and biking/running are apparently OK again, so I figure I have no excuse. So I did 3 times of the following with 8Lb followed by a nice sunny walk to work:
10 pushups
15 dumbell curls
15 chest presses
15 chest flys
15 tricep extensions
15 bent rows
10 side arm raises
10 front raises
15 side ab raises
20 deep squats

And now, I must stop avoiding things and get to work. Monday mornings are always sloooooooow going. Especially without morning caffeine now. But, it's all good. Today my dad arrives after visiting my sick auntie and we are all going out for supper tonight for my bridder's birthday and fathers day all rolled into one. It's gonna be a good day.
I wish you all a good day too.

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Yum Yucky said...

Awww. I'm so sorry for little Xander. Hope he's feeling better now. And I hope your brudder's bday was a blast! xoxo