Ah. Weekend.

It's friday. thank frog. I've been tired all week and it'll be nice to get to sleep in and relax a bit. J and I have saturday afternoon off together which will be nice - I haven't seen him much lately. Sunday is my big brudder's birthday BBQ and monday is Dad coming to visit for a slightly late father's day, so it'll have some visiting too to even it all out. And more sleep. Yay sleep. I've been tasked with making a chocolate banana gluten free birthday cake. Oh yes. It's on.
Tonight I can go to the first night of the event J is doing visuals at (Mosofest) and dance like a monkey for a bit of moral support and enjoy the local music. I went with him last night to help design, cut and hang some shapes from coroplast to project onto. It's not ideal, but it should work OK. I met the other crew of the event last night and they're all good guys. It's all a bit of a shmozzle, but it should turn out OK in the end...it's just not what it was originally hoped to be. It will have a few bands I enjoy as well as 2 DJs that play funky music so it'll be fun. It'll get hermity me out to see some of my friends and enjoy myself a bit. I finally feel pretty much normal so I figure I'm OK to dance and have a beer.

On the upside, J's submission to the local Nuit Blanche outdoor arts festival was accepted, so that was a bit of a boost for his morale (I just noticed that J and I are walking in the event video on the website from last year at 2:34 on the front left. He hee. He has a hat and I have my "sherlock" cape coat on). We've been joking that now he's now an "official" artist cuz some artists said so...Ooh. Aah. It should be rather neat though. The whole event is a fantastic community event celebrating local art as regular old art, music, dance, performance art, poetry & spoken work, art installations and interactive exhibits in a few outdoor blocks in Saskatoon. Last year was our first year and it was fantastic. J's project for this year involves lasers and glass bricks. It should be neato. :)

As for me? Well I should get back to work from my break. Much to do before the weekend finally welcomes me into it's silky embrace.

Oh you beautiful weekend how I've missed you so....

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Yum Yucky said...

You and J always have the best fun. I love it!