movie popcorn is the best

How many avengers can you fit into a movie? A lot it would seem. I liked it - except for the ultron having lips part. Robots don't need lips...but I digress. Other than that, getting to see Thor, Black Widow and Captain America fight like in my imagination as a kid was awesome...and I've always liked Scarlet Witch so to see her do her thing was mighty cool too. Add in some movie popcorn and it was a good time. I admit I liked the second one a bit better, but I liked the character development in it this time.We so rarely go to the movies that popcorn was definitely needed. Nom. :)
This AM I was good - I got up and did the Day1 and Day2 of the Bodyrock HIITMax workout. They're supposed to get longer each day by adding them together over the 5 days. So yeah...tomorrow is Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3. Yoiks. I made it through this morning...I had to switch out some of the cardio burpees with skipping but I made it through and pushed hard. I had sweat trickling down my face when I was done. It's been a long time since that happened. Mee hee. Cool beans.
A nice smoothie and I'm good to go for another day in the lab.
Have a good one y'all.

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Yum Yucky said...

Well that's just great. Now I want movie popcorn. Right now!