I'm back baby

Good morning peoples. How goes?
I had a great weekend. A lot of fun things and a bit of chores as well so I don't feel so guilty. And tonight we're finally going to see the new Avengers movie. Yes.
This morning I started into the Bodyrock HIITMax workout series. I did day 1 today and will keep going with it as long as I can until my surgery date. So far so good. I'm actually back to my old style of workouts. I cannot tell you just how happy that makes me. Yep. I'm back baby!
My surgery date is set - I'm booked in for my salpingectomy on June 4. Not the most convenient time (I had it booked off for a holiday visit to my dad) but I should feel OK enough to heal up and relax on the couch at the lake in the few days after and still get in some visiting with my Dad and my sister and her husband who should be there visiting that week. My OBGYN recommended not just tying my tubes but actually removing them all together since the tubes are the main area where any malignancy related to your ovaries can start. So, it'll be a slightly longer surgery but it should (I hope) go well. It's laparoscopic so I should heal up relatively quick and be able to be back at work in about 5 days. I have a few days booked off work and plan to just relax and visit my family. My brother might be up there as well and my sister in law (who normally makes us all wait on her up there...grrr) can wait on me for a change :P
For now, it's time for some Red River cereal I made up earlier (I love this stuff!) with some blueberries and I'm off to work.
Have a great day everyone!

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Yum Yucky said...

yeaah to the old style! We saw Avengers this weekend. I actually liked the 2nd Avengers (The Winter Soldier) better. This third one was very different. But I won't spoil it for ya! xo