Busy busy day but I made it through. Last night I was up late playing with lasers and so I slept in a bit, but I still was up in time to do an old school bodyrock bodyweight HIIT interval workout .
It was only 13 minutes. No excuses when you can do a quick but solid workout in 13 minutes. I had to change the switch lunges to backward lunges to make my knees happy but other than that I rocked it. Felt great after.Then a quick shower and walk to work with a fruit smoothie and a hectic day began of of much much to do.

But, I am now done and packing up to head home to some sort of deliciousness and some relaxing with my luv. This weekend I've got tickets to go watch my old belly dance troupe perform their actual community show with my bestie and later that night a friend's band is playing here in town...and another old friend is home for the summer too and we'll likely see him there. Sunday is family meal stuff and I hope some painting and's all good from here :)
I hope you all have a great weekend!

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