driving me to drink

Yesterday was a comedy of annoying errors trying to pack up a previous researcher's biologicals and send them to their new lab across the country. 4 hours, 5 huge boxes and 20 Kg of dry ice later I filled out a crap tonne of dangerous goods forms ...and then battled with the Fedex website for booking shipments for the next 2 hours. Yup. 2 hours. In the end the courier came and we just did a few old school paper waybills and thankfully they were taken> I am crossing my fingers they arrive and all is good after all that. Apparently they were having issues with their website that day. Gee I would never have known.... I got no breaks and a 5 minute lunch yesterday and even had to run to the hospital in the middle of it all for an echocardiogram (because hey I didn't have enough to do). Ugh. In the end J met me on the walk home with a rum and coke. Yup - that kinda day.
But, once free of the lab the day was much much better :) We went out for vietnamese at the nice little place that just opened by our house and then I baked some cookies to say thanks to the people who helped me and put up with my insanity yesterday. Peanut butter surprise cookies. Mmmm. We relaxed and went to bed early. Reboot :)
This morning I picked a random 30 minute workout off youtube. It was supposed to be an intermediate all body workout. It was Ok. You just did 12 reps of a whole tonne of exercises so it seemed a bit easy in spots, but I did it all, and after some Red River cereal I'm good to go for the day.
Here's to a day today that will be much better than yesterday!


azusmom said...

Yesterday pretty much s*cked all 'round.
Sounds like the evening was god though.

Yum Yucky said...

Well, well. I hope today is going much better for you. Red River cereal? I gotta look into that.