Cuz I'm the tax man

Yeaaah I'm the tax maaaaaaaan...
Just finished up our yearly income taxes last night. The day they were due. Of course. Why would we start earlier...? Happily surprised at the results. With me being on disability I had no idea as to whether they would be taking off enough taxes (my employer is stellar in it's financial f*ckwittery when it tries hard enough), but thankfully they did their job this time and I don't owe anything...even a slight return, which is always nice. We celebrated with a dram of 10 year old Aran Isle scotch and that was that.
After a bit of an indulging weekend I've been good with my workouts so far this week. Monday was upper body day and today was lower body day. I'm grateful for the walking to work now more than ever - the university bridge in the city is closed all summer for major repair so getting to where I work is a gong show by road. Being able to walk most days makes it simple. I suddenly have a LOT of company in the mornings though. It's strange. Usually it's just me, the unhappy guy in chef's pants, the man who looks like a skinny overcaffeinated version of the quaker oats man, the guy who looks like Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos (complete with track suit) and the sweet old austrian man with the moustache who always greets me with an enthusiastic good morning and wide grin as we pass. There are also many geese and gophers back for the spring and the pelicans are back at the weir.
Spring is really here :)

Off to science land. Have a great day :)

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