Tabatas aren't as much fun as I remember

Lower body day today.  I did 3 times through of:  12 sumo squats, 12 forward lunges, 12 side lunges with arm reaches, 12 one legged bulgarian deadlifts and 12 back ballet leg extensions, with  25 dumbbell ab rows and the 20 each of the butt raise/hold/pulse part of Josie's booty blast video in between  the 3 reps. No probalo - I'm getting stronger...but before that? Before that I was a good little human and did the tabata bike sprints I'd promised myself I would do.
I set my digital timer so I wouldn't have to think and I could just follow the beeps. After a 5 minute warm up on my spin bike I upped the weight a bit and sprinted all out for 20 seconds and then rested/pedaled slowly for 10 seconds a total of 8 times. Then I cooled down on the bike for 4 minutes. And wow...20 seconds is a freaking long time...but I did it. Even though my sprints got a bit gloomier as it went on (the bike has a 40Lb flywheel...phew!) I did not give up and I did my best for all of it. Boom. I needed my inhaler at the end and I had to rest a few minutes before I did my leg work but I am proud of myself.
And now? Now after a walk to work in the sunshine with my Earl Grey and a bit of breakfast in me I feel fantastic. So I will do it on thursday again. Because that's how we roll here at Casa Geo :)

Aaaaaand on a totally different note...a few days ago I learned that 2 of my all time favourite musicians (for very different reasons) have overlap in the world. Johnny Cash recorded a Beck song a waaaaaaay back almost 20 years ago. I don't know how I missed that, but this makes me very happy.

Have a great day! Find something that makes you smile and hug it. Go on.


Yum Yucky said...

A friend sent me Earl Grey all the way from London. I didn't like it. I was sooo disappointed. I think it need to have another cup and try again. Maybe my taste buds were on strike that day.

Geosomin said...

I love the bergamot in earl grey's my fave tea. Not for everyone though.