Ah. Weekends...

Did I work on my paper this weekend? Did I paint anything?
Do I care?
Nope :)

I had a nice relaxing weekend. J and I even ditched out of a friend's house party/birthday party where a bunch of our friends would be at just so we could hang out together...sometimes I just want to hang out with J...it's odd - I used to rant that we didn't have a lot of friends or get out much and now that the opportunities present themselves more and more and we've built up a nice little circle of friends I find sometimes the hermit in both of us still kicks in and we still hang out, just us. Like old times. I mean, that's why I married J...there's noone else I'd rather hang out with. :)
The weather was so nice yesterday - it got up to 15 C here. The ice jam on the river is gone, along with a lot of the snow. We walked for hours without a jacket and spent a mellow day together...ending it with tasty beer, nachos and a cheesy movie. Loved it all.

The ice is gone! :)

And yes I still have to finish my paper and have painting to do, but I'll get to it this week. Honest.

As of today we are taking a month to both be healthy - better eating and daily exercise of some kind. One cheat meal a week and no booze except for on the weekend. This morning I did my upper body workout, same as last week with some ball passes for my abs and then had a brisk walk to work so I am on track for the day. Tomorrow I will add some tabata sprints on the bike to my leg stuff. I'm trying to build up a base to start my C to 5K in a week or so. Can't wait...I've been watching so many people jogging while I've been out for walks in this gorgeous weather and I need to try and get out there again too. I know it won't be the fun running I remember...it'll be the beginning gaspy struggly runs that build to the fun runs, but I am ready to get started.

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grapecat said...

Good for you - I bet that's just what you needed :) We've been trying to be healthier too - with mixed results. Tell me again when the fun running starts??!!!!