good morning

How was your St. Patrick's day? Mine was lovely. We made some Guinness stew and biscuits (enjoyed with more Guinness ahem) and I had an early night, while J went out to see a friend's band play.

This morning I got up and made sure I had time for some lower body work before my 50 minute walk along  the river to work. I did Josie's booty blast, as well as 3 times through 10 of suma squats, forward lunges on each leg, side lunges with toe touches and then ballet back leg lifts. Just enough to burn but not enough to squeak :) And today is another good day to come.
How can it not be when you start it out with a walk like this...

Hope you all have a great day :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Yay for the booty blast! That picture is beautiful, yet deceiving. It looks warm, like I could pounce through it with my shorts on. But I know the real deal. I'd need 15 blankets and space heater out there.