and my soul is getting warm...

I am sitting at my desk, munching on pineapple, yogurt and granola and thinking that this life right here is definitely the one that I can't imagine spending any other place or way.
This morning I got up early enough to do an upper body weight workout with my 8Lb dumbbells (3X12 of arm curls, shoulder presses, bent rows, tricep kickbacks, side raises and front raises and 2X of 10 push ups (knee) and 30 second planks). Then, after a gloriously long hot shower I made a cup of earl grey decaf with honey and milk and set out for my walk along the river to work. It's only -5 with no wind - a great morning for a stroll with some tea to keep my hands and heart warm.
As I walked and sipped my tea I watched the sunrise spread over the horizon (they don't call Saskatchewan the land of living skies for no reason :) ). The orange light glinted off the melting snow and the grass underneath and glistened off the icy South Saskatchewan River. Geese returning from the south honked at me and I sipped my tea, grinning as I listened to a Vinyl Cafe CBC podcast. The musical guest Jon and Roy sang a song about how the sun was coming up and his soul was getting warm...and I couldn't have agreed more.
Mornings like this are what I live for. They fill me up from deep inside and remind me just why I went through all that treatment business...the little wonders of every day life right here. Right now.


Yum Yucky said...

Such wonderful imagery you've given us for your morning. I hope the rest of your day is just as fabulous.

solarity said...

Yes. Right now, right here. (Of course, I'm saying this on my day off, but still…)

Mary Anne in Kentucky