cat scare

Last night we had a bit of a scare. We noticed Widjette eating something on the floor after supper and by the time we caught her we couldn't see what it was but right beside her there was a pill on the floor. After some panic to try and identify the pill and a call to the vet it turns out it was (thank god) a benadryl which is ok for cats. Had it been advil it would have meant a decision on whether we should make an emergency after hours trip to the vet to get her stomach pumped and have her on IV monitoring on the off chance she'd eaten an advil- advil is very toxic in almost any amount for cats (A human dose is usually lethal). We are usually very careful with advil around the animals so I am quite curious how the meds got there - I took benadryl during the worst of my taxotere side effects to help them a bit so maybe in a post chemo daze I missed one. Since we weren't sure whether she'd eaten any of it it was nice to not have to make that decision. We decided to leave it and just keep an eye on her and check the floor for any other "surprises"...
J has grown very attached to Widjette now that he's working from home (and yes I love the little furball too) - he took losing Gavin very hard and losing another cat over something like this would have been heartbreaking. Thankfully this morning she was jumping around as usual with a healthy appetite with no signs of any toxicity or problems so I am reasonably sure all is well in kittenland. So yeah...after that rollercoaster we just went to bed early and called it a day.

Dax and Widjette - Dax is slimming down and Widj is almost full size now
This morning I did the same workout as tuesday for my arms. My planks are still rather pathetic...I can't hold an entire 30 seconds yet, but I did it all and got a bit spiffed up for work (I have to give a tour to a bigwig today so I'm trying to be professional yet casual...I think I rocked it with a pair of dark jeans and a blazer). I walked here in the frost with a banana pineapple cottage cheese smoothie (yum)- it's a bit colder today (~ -7C with a bit of a wind) but still a nice walk. J got up and walked with me - I won't be home until late tonight so it's nice to see him for a little bit :).
I'm going to go hang with my big brudder tonight. He's been in emerg with some scary heart issues (tachychardia...boourns) the last few weeks and is finally feeling better so I'm going to go have supper and play board games at his house tonight. I heart my brudder. coffee break is over so I'd best get back to things. Hope you have a wonderful day :)

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azusmom said...

So glad everything is better! With bro and cat.