Discount rice?

Workout Log: Today was upper body day. Like tuesday only instead of mountain climbers I did 12 four point punches (punching above and across  on top and down to the opposite toe alternating both arms) with 5Lb, 25 ball passes and 12 pushups between reps of the arm and back weight exercises with my 8Lb weight I did tuesday. Then I walked to work.

I'm really loving my morning walks. Having an hour to myself first thing in the morning with my mug of tea is a really nice way to start the day. As long as I have my earmuffs and gloves I'm warm enough once I get moving. Time alone to think and relax is a wonderful thing...helps begin the day off right.

Total random off topic: I was forwarded an article by a friend about cooking rice differently to lower it's calorie content. Apparently if you add coconut oil to the water prior to cooking the rice and then refrigerate the cooked rice overnight before you eat it there is a 10-15% reduction in calories because some of the starches switch to indigestible forms. The researchers projected that other more starchy varieties could have up to a 40% calorie reduction. Interesting thought about how to reduce calories in rice...I know for me I find day old rice to be hard and not as good (I usually put it in something or make fried rice with it then). I'd rather eat less of the soft delicious stuff :) What do you think? Would you make the switch? And does the coconut oil you add to the water to have the reduction end up adding back the calories you'd remove?

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