Breaking the ice

I had a good workout this morning. Lower body day today.  I did 3 times through of: 12 regular squats, 12 sumo squats, 12 forward lunges, 12 side lunges with arm reaches, 12 one legged bulgarian deadlifts and 12 back ballet leg extensions, with 25 bicycle crunches, 25 dumbell ab rows and the 15 each of the butt raise/hold/pulse part of Josie's booty blast video in between  the 3 reps.
Then it was a nice walk to work. The river ice has started breaking up and a huge chunk has floated down to the bridge by my house and smashed and crunched up. It is amazing such a huge piece of ice can move so quickly. It was there yesterday stuck to the shore across most of the river way down stream. Today it's all piled up and starting to break up and flow down the river. I imagine by the end of the weekend it'll be gone.

This weekend I have schemes to finish a scientific paper I've been working on and get some priming done on a big shelf my Dad built us for our living room so I can get it painted and in place. My Dad is coming back into town a few times in april and if I can get it ready he'll assemble it for us (it's a big wall unit in 6 pieces....I have a lot to paint!). It'll be so nice to have a shelf made by him and have storage in the living room. I can't wait. Just can't decide on a color yet...suppose we'll have to pick soon :) It's supposed to be a nice weekend so I hope to get out for some walks in the sun with J.

Anyhoo...Must dash. Lots to do! Later taters. Have a great weekend!

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