Some things are worth it

There is a price to pay for being the recipient of 19 years of love and companionship: your pets take a huge chunk of your heart with them when they go. It's like the 10th Doctor said in the episode "School Reunion" (with Sara Jane Smith and K-9): "You can spend the rest of your life with me... but I can't spend the rest of my life with you." And later when Rose asks Sara Jane if she should go with the Doctor, Sara Jane responds "Some things are worth getting your heart broken for."
And yes it's true. But damn, it still hurts tho...
recent photo of Gavin when he felt all posey last month
This weekend our old Gavin took a turn for the worst and began to have trouble walking and on Monday he went off his food...and he didn't bounce back like he had in the past. He was just tired and weak and it was no way to be living for such a dignified and happy cat... so yesterday morning we called our lovely vet who came to our home and put him to sleep gently and peacefully there, while sitting on J's lap - his favourite place in the world. It would have been cruel to keep him with us any longer. I really don't know how much longer he would have made it on his own, but neither of us could put him through any more days of that. Having a few days to wrap our heads around it made it a bit easier than with Geek, but it still hurts. Although we're both relieved he's at peace now and know it was the right thing to do J is taking it quite hard - Gavin was undoubtedly his cat through and through. He learned to love me over time and he kept me company while I was home sick. We've spent the last 3 odd months making sure he ate enough and keeping an eye on his health to make sure he wasn't suffering...but it was time. I used to wonder when the vet told me in November that I'd know when it was time...but it's true. We both did.
I'll miss you Gavin. Be at peace my little friend.
Go chase come lasers in the sky with Geek. He's been waiting for ya.


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Ah, so sorry to hear that. You have my condolences. Sounds like you had a lot of good years, but I know it still hurts. :(

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