February can bite my bum

February - my least favourite month. Usually it's dang cold and grey, with much hibernation and movie watching and tea. BUT, the days are getting longer. Plus I have a knee length, big hooded winter coat lined with down now so I can deal I think. Just wishing for spring...I found a weather kitty app that gives me pics of cute cats that helps a bit, but I can't wait for the cold to fade to get back to walks and time outside again.

I recieved the sweetest compliment friday from an old friend and coworker. She was the grad coordinator when I was in graduate school and now I work with her with the other grad students and she's like another mom to me...she pulled me aside with a big hug and tears in her eyes to tell me she liked my hair because it made me look like spunky old me again - like it was proof that I was finally back to life after everything I've gone through. *grin* And yes I think it does too. It's a silent symbol of my return to the world. With style points...:)

Starting tomorrow I can work out again but still can't use my arms much until my stitches are out on monday...but still, it'll feel good. My new 3X a week plan from my PT is a serious level up from before and I am so excited to jump into it. I've decided that come March I'm gonna start getting up to go into the gym again in the mornings at least 3 times a week and see if I can get back to that. It means just getting up 30 minutes earlier which isn't too evil so I'll try a week and see how it goes. I'd like to swim tuesdays and thursdays...and I could deal with a treadmill jog occasionally on wednesdays instead of just the bike as well. I'd like to try at least a few days a week there instead of at home just to shake things up a bit. Maybe try out a morning class again in April...we'll see. I mostly stay home in the AM now to look after the old codger cat, so as long as he's still with us I won't go every day, but I'm ready for more I think. I could do my workouts there as well as home and I tend to focus better when I'm in an actual gym...it's too tempting to slack or just sit with the cats in the mornings instead of exercise.

Speaking of slacking. I should get to work.
Later taters :)

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JavaChick said...

I find it tempting to stay in bed with the cats in the morning...

Now feeling the urge to search for a weather kitty app.