back at it

Feeling better today. Settling into the new norm.
Got out to a movie last night (Jupiter Rising...pretty cool scifi stuff) and this morning I was up to workout. It's a much faster morning without Gavin to tend to, so I hopped on the bike for 30 minutes before I got ready for work. Tomorrow I'll get back to a full version of my new workout. My stitches are out now so I don't have an excuse other than laziness to not workout in the AM. It's amazing how quickly you lose the ooomph to workout just by having to ease off for a few weeks. I need to get back to it. So I shall.
This weekend my brother and I are goint to go visit my dad fort he weekend since monday is a holiday here. J has a gig so he won't be coming, but it will be good to visit my dad and relax for a bit. Time for a good book and some wine and a few skidoo rides. Maybe some ice fishing and card games...and if there aren't a lot of wolves out this winter I hope for a hike or two in the woods too. We'll see. I plan to bundle up and walk in the cold and do some exploring :)

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