Good week really

This long weekend was great. All of Dad's friends showed up out of the woodwork though with visits and food and bad but so good. I had a great visit with Dad. He taught me how to weld and we built some stuff from wood together in the shop (ok I just sanded stuff and varnished at the end but it was fun to hang out with him). The weather was very cold but we got out at least once for a winter walk with the neighbor's dog. I knitted. I read a book. I drank wine. I played lots of rummy and dominoes with my Dad and his friends. It was nice to just visit with my Dad and spend some time with him with no obligations or things to do. J was at home so I could just focus on Dad. I need to definitely do it again soon.
After getting back, this week I admit that I have gotten up to work out but have mostly just had leisurely breakfasts with my cats and gotten a few errands done. I'll get back to it I know -it's just that time of year - cold and bleary just makes me want to eat bread and skittles and nap. I need to snap out of it or I'll nap february away and get myself into a new set of pants. And so I will. Tomorrow. Heh heh...
On the plus side tho - yesterday I went to see my old buddy Ben at his shop and finally got my tattoo on my left inner forearm that I've wanted for many years. I was about to get it when I was diagnosed and didn't want to stress my body out with all of that during treatment but now that I'm healed I have the all clear and I finally got up the nerve to go in. It's J's nickname for me (Spark) written in Gallifreyan - the language of the time lords. I am very deliriously happy with it. Ben cursed me for the design saying it was everything difficult that a tattoo artist hates to see in a design because it's very difficult to do plain lines and circles and that's about all I gave him. If it wasn't for a friend he wouldn't have done it because of the stress and difficulty, but aw shucks my friend who is the only one I would ever want to do this (and the most talented tatooist/artist I know) made an exception for me and I am very grateful.  I love it. It is a reminder of all the goodness and love in my life.

Because life is good people.
It really is.


Yum Yucky said...

Your blog makes me happy. This is a happy post indeed.

azusmom said...

What Yum Yucky said. :)
LOOOOOOVE the tattoo!!!!

solarity said...

Nice, all of it. (Go, Ben!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

grapecat said...

*gasp* - it's beautiful!!!!!