Colds, Caffeine and Cuteness

Well, I've had a frog in my throat for about a week and it's finally blossomed into a proper head cold. Cuz, you know, I was going to start working out hard core on monday so naturally this will help.
Ah well. I'll ease into it…when I'm not sleeping. If I'm still coughing up a storm I may take a day off work and not give it to everyone else around me there (like a lot of them did to me, ahem).

I am currently trying to revise a scientific paper based on my thesis - the first of a few. I am also keeping an eye on the kitten. She was spayed on wednesday and the's not supposed to play or jump for a week…which is quite well nigh impossible, but I'm trying. She's a little ball of energy and love and it's tricky keeping her calm. We keep her in the spare room if we're out so she doesn't play with Dax and risk opening her stitches and we have her sleep in the bedroom with us at night for the same reasons. Dax is confused as to why the cat trees are tipped over to keep her from climbing up them. I'll be glad when the 7-10 days is up and she can go back to normal again. She has been healing up very well, so I am sure she will be fine. JJ was worried about her…after losing Gavin it was hard not to worry about her, but our vet is fantastic and all is well.

The vet tech misspelled the kitten's name on her file and now I can't help but change the spelling a bit more to make it fit her better. Widget is Widjette from now on when I write it out. Same name, but better spelling…like a a girl ninja widgetty ninjette. Only…cuter….god help me I'm a crazy cat lady aren't I?
Ah well. Nothing to be done about it now.

But, I stayed home from a breakfast/lunch gathering at friends because of the sicklies and this paper and this isn't helping is it? I should go get to it. I even drank a real cup of coffee to harness the powers of caffeine for my day of editing statistics and references. Here goes nothing…

Happy sunday.


solarity said...

Yay for caffeine!
I have been coughing and sneezing for a couple of weeks, but it seems to be my allergies even though the painting at work is suspended for the moment. It may be softening up my respiratory system for a germ.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

My own cat has a dog harness. It's a long story, but I promise you we love the cat evil though I think she's the spawn of Scar (Mufasa's brother in The Lion King).