To sleep perchance to dream

I slept all night last night. I'm not kidding. I didn't get up once. Not once. That hasn't happened since spring.
I feel great. This morning I was good and got up on time to do all my exercises plus 20 minutes on my bike before I came in to work too. Oh yes. It's that kinda day already :)
We went to meet our new cat on saturday and she is great. She has a kitten...and J and I were charmed by the kitten as well. So we're thinking, since our remaining cat is not too long with us, we might get the cat and her kitten both to take home. It will mean all my savings put into cat form (and a kitten...gulp), but I'm willing to do it. It will be fun to have playing cats around. A huge change form Mr. Sleepsalot here. Hopefully they won't drive Gavin too bonkers. We pick her (them?) up next weekend. Trying to find a strong feminine name for her...wavering between Athena and Dax.


solarity said...

Sleep--I'm so jealous.

(Cats, also jealous, but my allergies are too bad to live with them, and I get to enjoy so many of them at work.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

I rarely sleep through the night, completely due to my cats. Frank thinks he needs me to get up and walk him to his food dish at least once during the night, and Zappa feels that I should be getting up to give him cat treats whenever he feels like it.

It's a good thing they are cute and cuddly.