sugar coated

Hello. How's things? :)
Lately I've been busy with life and work and haven't been here much have I?
Work has been busy and home has as well. Full of mostly good things: Celebrating my bestie's upcoming new little babe, visiting my Dad and brother for a few days...things like that.
My other geriatric cat gave me a scare the other day being particularly old and creaky, but a trip to the vet with some fluids and arthritis medicine has helped him a lot. I know he doesn't have tonnes of time left either, but I'm determined to have him comfy and well fed while I can. We should soon have a new critter as well...and I'm looking forward to that very much.
Still working out as directed, but I admit I'm not doing as much cardio as I should and my eating has been less than stellar. With the increased sleep I need it's really hard to get up in the dark wintry mornings to workout, but I need to be more consistant with the cardio part of my workouts. After putting on a few pounds I've realised that I need to get a bit better about that. Yes I need more sleep and good nutrition now but nutrition doesn't include chips and handfuls of Skittles :)


It's funny. I don't really like or crave sweet stuff until I have some for a while...then I do very often. A vicious circle of sugary deliciousness...


Yum Yucky said...

Well, heyyy. Please do get your sleep, 'lest I cross the border into Canada and put you in a Russian headlock until you pass out into cozy-slumber 'til morning. This particular headlock is illegal in only 165 countries. I know the proper technique so it's totally safe.

grapecat said...

god I'm exactly the same with sweets. if I employ monkish self denial I never miss them - but as soon as I give in - the gates to sugary hell await. As of today, I have not had an M&S Percy Pig sweet for ..... 10 weeks. (those babies are made of crack I swear).

good luck with the getting up -


solarity said...

Having dealt with peri-menopause sleep difficulties for, um, more than twelve years now, I say sleep while you can!

Mary Anne in Kentucky