3 more sleeps

Well, the sleep train was short lived.
Last night was hang out with my geriatric cat and stare at the ceiling night.
I'm tired as hell today, but really I am glad for the time with him tho, since I get the feeling that it may not be too much longer before he heads over the rainbow bridge too. His energy is low and his appetite is less than stellar, but he still has mostly good days, so we're making him comfy and giving him lots of love. He still purrs like a bubbling waterfall...
In 3 days we go to pick up our new cats and I am glad for it. Yup, cats :) We've decided to give the cat her kitten as a companion. The happiness of playing animals will be a good thing...hoping it won't tick the old guy off too much to have new companions because I know it'll do J and I a world of good. Being trapped inside by the polar weather with minimal money and no sunshine watching your cat slowly fade away is not really a fun way to spend your time... Soon the new girl and her kitten will be here to cheer us up and drive us nuts and I can't wait.

Yay! Kitties :)

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solarity said...

Yay, kitten!

Mary Anne in Kentucky