getting a bit old

There's a transit strike on in our city. (Well technically a lockout of the transit workers). It's been 2 and a half weeks now with no bus service and talks don't really seem to be going anywhere. Thankfully it hasn't snowed yet. I've been biking or walking to work, but it gets tricky for appointments around the city for me. All my doctors and dentists were chosen because they are on bus routes, and most appointments I've had in the last while I could thankfully bike to. Today however my sis-in-law is coming to drive me across town to an appointment so I don't have to attempt to bike all the way across the city.

I'm enjoying the morning bike or walk exercise but this is getting a bit old. I know of many students and people who are walking up to two hours each way to get around during all this, and bike racks around the city are crammed full, with a lot of people, like me, biking around because they have to.
I hope they reach an agreement soon...we have quite lame bus service to begin but I sure am starting to miss it! I can't bus in to workout in the early morning and I'd like to get back to that soon. Here's hoping they hammer something out soon...


solarity said...

One of the things I appreciate about where I live now is that it takes me six minutes to walk to work. I don't do it often enough (partly because if I have to go anywhere after work, I have to leave directly from work or I'll decide to put it off.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

oh my! Hope that all gets resolved soon. It's funny because my hubs was just saying this morning how he wouldn't rule out moving to Canada. I better get me a bicycle first!