I heart my bike

The world is trying to help me ease back into health. Case in point: There is a transit strike in my home town so to get to work I dug out my bike on the weekend. I forgot how much I love riding my bike outdoors. I used to ride it to work all the time. I'm giving myself a bit of extra time to get here, and my route to work is on a bike path complete with critters and a river so it's really not a bad journey. Gets me a bit of exercise too so hey - it's all good.
I am trying to track down a local trainer who has experience with post-mastectomy patients to start an easy workout program after my birthday (the end of Oct). Exercise is one of the easiest ways to prevent cancer from coming back, so extra points for activity I figure. Starting this week I plan to spend the next while doing my upper body physio, some lower body strengthening and walking/biking/restarting the C25K I was beginning before I got bronchitis to get some activity every day. Hopefully in november once it snows I can swim a few times a week before work...I'm looking forward to that as a change. For now it's just a challenge not to do too much and look after myself. I know me - I want to just jump in and do it all like I did before and that simply is not possible yet. And even when it is...do I want to be that rushed again? I just don't know. What I do want to do is enjoy my body and *live* and make sure I spend the time telling the people I love how much I appreciate them, and doing all the little things I love to do. Just because I can :)
For now, I'm enjoying the fall. Time for long walks with J, canning things, making some beer and wine and just enjoying feeling better. This weekend was the local comic expo so I got to be nerdy and hang out with my bestie. It's the little things you know? :)

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