The horror...The horror...

My house is a gong show. After nearly a year of treatment, a basement flood in August (just shower water thankfully) and a summer of J working festivals and having all his gear and our camping gear all over the house and deck and yard our house really is in a sad state. It's not dirty...just so incredibly unorganized. We can't find's maddening. With a few weeks of working together we've nearly got all our camping gear cleaned up and stored away and we have finally went to a laundromat to wash all the alkali dust from our burning man stuff so we're starting to make a slight dent in things. OK...when I say we I mean mostly J. Now that he's freelancing and home a lot more he's decided his side project is to work at cleaning the house a few hours every day until it's organized...and since he's really good at organizing it will actually get done. It will take a while because he's very meticulous, but in the end I'm hoping everything we keep will have a place and he'll know where it all is because he put it there. Already our DVDs, CDs and TV area no longer look like a monsoon hit the shelves.
I'm going to try and focus on the kitchen and living room, bedroom and my craft room (where all the flood stuff got dumped to sort through...sigh...) and hopefully by christmas we'll have recovered most of a house where every surface isn't covered in clutter...and more importantly where we know where things are. I'm taking it easy at first. My first full time day at work was yesterday and when you add that to walking to work I was sleeping like a baby rock by 930!

...but all in good time. When winter comes and we're trapped indoors it will be nice to not look around the house and think "ugh...messy" or play Find the Thing when we need a tool or something we haven't used in a while. For now I'll keep J supplied with caffeine and Swiffers and let him loose :)


grapecat said...

now THERE's an image for you!
good luck :)

solarity said...

Knowing where things are is one of the under appreciated joys.

Mary Anne in Kentucky