Take that inanimate object!

I finally rethreaded my Serger.
Yes, anyone who owns a Serger will tell you it is a love hate relationship. You can sew and finish things in amazing ways with one but the inside of it is like a spider web of epic porportions with a sharp pointy bit and a blade added in for good measure, so god help you if a thread breaks...you don't rethread these things like a normal sewing machine. You actually tie the new threads to the old and pull them through the zillions of loops and internal holes when you change thread colour because it's maddening to have to rethread the machine.
Yes. Maddening. I have seen my mellow mum lose her shit over this kinda thing. Trust me.
Anyhoo...I have been trying to rethread my machine numerous times since I snapped a thread sewing with it before Comicon in April. Now, I choose to believe that some of my incompetence then was due to chemo brain, tiredness, lack of attention span and an all over crankiness with the whole process. I got so pissed off after numerous tries I just ignored it in the corner of the room (go sit there and think about what you've done!) and went on to do other things. Today however? Different story. After some tasty pancakes I decided I'd like to do some sewing today and, yes, since needed my Serger to do it.. I decided to rethread the dang thing.

And wouldn't ya know it - it worked. First time.

*smug mode*


solarity said...

I have always suspected I did not want a serger, and now I know. Go you!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

Keep Calm and Eat Pancakes. Who would've known that was the Serger cure?

Anonymous said...

My last sewing machine wouldn't work for me. It's gone now. Wish I still had one, though.