Jungle boogie

Dootladoo! Dootlatoo!

There is your ear worm for the day.
You're welcome.

I have started to do 1 hour of yard work a day to try and beat our yard back into submission. It literally has had nothing done to it up until this week.  Yes it really is a jungle. Saturday I weeded the back flower garden where a few tomatoes are planted and got rid of 2 bags of weeds. Yesterday I mowed our back yard, where the grass was over a foot long and full of daisies. I honestly liked the way that it looked but it was at the point where our mower almost couldn't deal with it and the mosquitoes were settling in in hordes so I pulled as many daisies as I could to put on our patio table and mowed that back. It looks much better now. We've moved up from abandoned house to drug den status I think.
As many daisies as I could fit in my Irish jug

Today I spent my time weeding in the front yard. I pulled 2 full bags of weeds and an armful of some kind of flower that, in some places, grew up to my shoulder from the vines that coat our yard. I have started to make a dent in things. Slowly over the next week or so we shall have our yard back. Mostly.
Monday I was good and did day 4 of my learn to run program...this week the runs are 90s and the walks 2 min, and I can still keep up. 
Things are going on here at Casa Neufeldo...I am 80% done my rads. It's gonna be a good week I think!


HappinessSavouredHot said...

You are good. I love summer but the gardening part exhausts me (both mentally and physically).

JavaChick said...

Love the daisies!

I have some serious weeding to do in my back yard, but I haven't been able to convince myself to go out and do it this year...Still waiting on our new fence, which doesn't help. Why spend time on gardens that the deer are just going to eat?

azusmom said...

And the daisies are pretty. :)

Yum Yucky said...

I remember the one summer I gardened so much I felt like I was gonna die. I had gone out to pull a few weeds, but ended up doing six hours in the hot sun, landscaping with rocks. Please slap me if I ever try that 'ish again. I love your flowers.