I had it all wrong about the nudists

Only 2 radiation treatments left! I am glad to say that on tuesday I am finished.
I have been lucky until the last few days but I am finally experiencing radiation burns on my chest, armpit, neck and back and in the last few days I have progressed through sports bras to just commando under my top. Right now it looks like a really bad sunburn, so having fabric touch it is endurable, but not much else. The burns are supposed to progress for another week or so after treatment and then recede so hopefully things will stay at this point and I won't need fancy medical creams or have to forgo shirts altogether. This would be ok in the house, but would likely pose an issue on grocery day.
We shall see how it goes.
Radiation burns are different than regular burns. Regular burns are marked by different degrees, related to how much of depth of skin is burned. Radiation burns are rated by levels and they compromise the skin itself and cause it to slowly break down, after which the skin has to rebuild itself completely if the radiation causes it to blister and break down. That's why normal sunburn remedies don't help much - in my case I need to work to keep the skin as healthy as I can so it can survive the treatments. I have a prescription for a medicated cream if my skin breaks down...but I'm hoping it won't come to that. Everyone is different so it's hard to say just how it will be.
Ah well. Patience grasshopper. Soon it will be done...


Yum Yucky said...

Do you have any colloidal silver liquid or silver gel on hand? You know how I roll with the colloidal. It will speed the healing process. ((hugs))

JavaChick said...

I am impressed with how calm you sound about the whole thing. I suspect I would be a lot more whine-y.

Hang in there!