Three glorious words

I had a discussion with my surgeon this morning and I have three glorious words for you from my surgpath report. Repeat after me:

Yessiree kiddees.
What that means in non-medical gobbldeygook is that there was no cancer to be found in all the nodes they removed or in my breast that was removed. Yes - from what we can tell right now, the chemo appears to have done it's job completely and entirely. And it gets better, because what this means in the long run is that with my tumours in my breast and nodes melting and disappearing the chance of any residual cancer remaining to lurk in other parts of my body is very very small indeed.

Yes. What it means my good peeps is that life is good :)


grapecat said...

*flails and leaps about*
take that cancer.
AND the horse you rode in on!!!!!

Congratulations :)
Life is indeed good

Love you x

JavaChick said...

Having the flu for the past week and a half now in perspective.

Glad to hear you are doing so well!

solarity said...

Visualize a stadium full of people chanting
until the sky trembles.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...


Yum Yucky said...

Well that is the best dang gobbldeygook I've heard in a long time!!