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My friend Jeff is due to be a dad any day now. I finally feel up to knitting their little one something so I'm getting together a package to ship off to them. They live in China (where he met Jo) so I need to knit at a more than normal speed if they are going to get it anytime soon (and still fit when it gets there!!). I cannot wait to see how adorable their half blonde haired blue eyed half chinese baby will be. I want to tuck in a few things from Canada that Jeff is missing too. I finally feel mostly mobile so I can get started. I can't lift anything for a while yet, but knitting is OK. And I ran across a pattern to knit a fake boob (foob?) online too...perhaps a future knitting project. We shall see :)

While I'm visiting Dad I'm looking forward to many nights of knitting and sipping wine. I'm sure we'll be out visiting some old family friends up there as well some nights. I'm gonna bring the sewing machine too...I've had fabric to make some infinity scarves for months now and lost the juice to finish them...it might be the perfect time if the weather decides to be crappy. Or I may sit on my ass and read all day or tinker with dad in the shop. I can't work on the wood lathe or do anything too lifty or physical for another few weeks so I need to take it easy. I have the clearance for long walks though. Hooray.

Once my arm is a bit more mobile I'm looking forward to some ukelele madness. Thing is, I'm trying hard to not over do it with the physio or other stuff. Altho I feel pretty good It's still only 2 weeks from surgery so I need to be mindful of that. In physio the stretching feels tight but so nice at first I kept pushing my shoulder as far as it can go...and I have to remember to ease into it at first. Once things are healed up a bit moremore I can worry more about extreme stretching. Both my surgical drains are out which is nice and gloriously freeing (nothing says sexy like having a ball of your own goo around your neck) and allows more exercises to do and soon I won't need bandages anymore either once the drain wounds are dry. When I stretch too intensely it makes the wounds leak (sorry. gross I know)...so I'm trying to find a balance to heal up well and stop having to bandage myself. (moreso since I react to adhesive tape so I get more sore from the tape than the actual wound...it's stupid).

I am pleased to say though that I can reach my arm up enough to get on a regular shirt now so I am wearing a t-shirt and grinning at the moment at that achievement.
Oooh. Aaah.
All in all, things don't ache too much...just the odd twinge as the nerves under my arm and across my chest start to come back together. They're still tender to the touch, but so far so good.


solarity said...

When you said you reacted to adhesive, my first thought was vet wrap, but I suppose wrapping yourself with it would be quite contortionist. Anyway, healing is good!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Geosomin said...

Vet wrap does work ok for me, but yeah, it takes more skill than I have to wrap myself :)

Yum Yucky said...

ukelele madness and knitting. That right there is a fancy combination.