J made a comment the other day that made me smile. That he looked across the room and saw me sitting in the chair with my cat in the sun (where I have set up camp lately) and it looked like I was better and happy. Like my old self...Well except for no hair! 
But really. It's strange that after a major surgery I stll feel more like myself than I have in months. I still have some leg stiffness and pain but for the most part I have so much energy and happiness. My surgical drains are out now and with home care coming to change my dressings daily I can start doing my physio exercises to get back my full range of shoulder motion. I am sore, but not unreasonably. Maybe it's because I finally feel like I am improving daily. Who knows? All I know is I feel better than I probably have any right to :)
If I am healed up enough I hope to go up with J this long weekend to visit Dad and then stay for a week to visit and unwind.  I have a week with no appointments or problems and the thought of a good visit with Dad at my favourite place on earth should do me leaps and bounds at healing. Crossing my fingers I heal up well and can get away for a bit...

Today is mother's day, and I have been thinking of my mum a lot lately. She was a sweet kind woman. I miss her. All of you still lucky enough to have your mom's around today give them a big extra hug for me :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Do you mind if I re-name this blog post? I'm calling it: The Happiness Report. :)