The gift that keeps on giving

I have done some reading and discovered that post-taxotere aches, severe muscle fatigue and water retention is common, so at least I know I'm not a rare freak, but also know this could linger on for months. Oh be still my heart. The gift that keeps on giving. I admit it is disappointing- I was hoping I would bounce right back post chemo, but I have to cut my poisoned ass some slack I think. It's just gonna take time.
Tonight I get to go out and dance with friends to a great DJ and I find myself all mopey when I should be cheerful. I am trying to casually dress up (ok, so just not sweats and a hoodie) and look casual still and most of my clothes fit strangely...and I have no hair and can't wear makeup since my eyes are still watering sometimes...and man, from all of it I feel like I need a drink. That or a good whack on the head with a frying pan. (I'm not picky). Truth be told, I will be happy if I can dance a while before my legs relegate me to toe tapping against the wall and I can enjoy a beer and the company of friends whom I haven't seen in eons since I can finally be out and about again.
It'll do pig. It'll do.


solarity said…
Months! Arrgh!
Dancing sounds good.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

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