chocolate egg day approacheth

Hello :)
I've had a nice week. Got a visit from my dad and spent a day with a friend making costumey things for comic con (which is next week! eee!). My cankles have mostly receded and I'm almost back to normal in that regard as well. Still have watery eyes, but they look almost normal so I'm starting to feel almost normal. Now I need to start moving around more and get more active so I'm less stiff and tired have more energy. With any luck it will stop snowing and let spring arrive (grrr) and I can get onto that.

Today I have my first post chemo dose of herceptin. I still get it every 3 weeks for the next year. It's an antibody based treatments with minimal side effects and will help keep me clear of cancer. (Ok, so it actually could dsmage my heart and lungs but its rare so lets not talk about it, mmmmk?) I am looking forward to a quick trip in and out - just 30 minutes. It will be a nice change after the 3-4 hours I've spent in there in the past. Plus, after my tuesday meetings with my surgeon and oncologist and surgery nurses I feel like I have all the info I need to be ready for my surgery.  They'll send people to my house the first 5 days to look after me too which is nice. I even have good physio exercises to do to keep my range of motion up after surgery so I feel like I'm as prepared as I can be for this sort of thing. I'm that kinda person - if I know what I can do and have to do most of the time I can just take a deep breath and do it.

I also now have my prescription for tamoxifen which I get to take daily for the next 5 years (sigh). I start that after my surgery, so I have a brief few days of no hormone f*ckwittery which I plan on enjoying. I'm hoping I react minimally to it. All I know is I'm feeling better day by day and it is nice to know that instead of being punched down at the end of this week again by another dose of taxotere I can just stroll on through and continue to improve and enjoy my easter weekend. I somehow have managed to have no family commitments this weekend so J and I can relax and spend a nice weekend together. I'm looking forward to it. :)

The next while I plan on just doing my last preparations for comic con and visiting my sister. :) I have a few remaining things to costume up but it's coming together well. Due to chemo and my lovely water retention some of my costumes have had to be modified a bit due to...erm...expansion...but nothing overly extreme. Lets just say I'm not leggings material anymore >:). I'm hoping my leg swelling will be gone by then so I can wear my boots...but if not, I'll improvise it with something else. No biggie.
I'm sitting looking out at the blechy weather, but the sun is shining in nevertheless. While at my oncologist on tuesday I was given a bundle of daffodils...and this morning they are blooming on my coffee table. Beautiful. :) And, a parcel just came from the UK from my BF Grapecat, which I plan to open up and giggle at and thoroughly enjoy.
Yes, life is good!

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Yum Yucky said...

How did I miss this post? That pic makes more chuckle. I hereby would like to recommend one-piece, full body spandex suit (the shiny kind) if the water retention continues. Don't miss the opportunity to make a major fashion statement.