black humour

I was joking with a friend last night on something that shouldn't be funny...but oh it was!
I had remembered back years ago when I weighed a lot and used to comment on my slow metabolism  and say the only way I could lose 10 pounds easily was to lop off a limb. Then we wondered - does a boob count as a limb?
Aaaaaaaand it spiralled from there...we got to wondering how much I will lose from my mastectomy...and convulsed with laughter at how this was such an overachiever way for me to to lose the 10 odd pounds I've put on during chemo.
I know. Shouldn't be funny...but I couldn't help it. And yes...It was. Is.
Yes, I still reel inwardly that soon I will have only one breast  ("just" losing the my doc Yet somehow this (and a few beer) let something loose that needed to be so I could vent it out through laughter last night.
I need to laugh at it all...because, really it's just so absurd.
And in the end, I'm still here...getting to get back to my amazing life once this is all done with...monoboob and all :)


solarity said...

Yes, it's funny, and working in an animal clinic I am a fan of what I think of as "cop humor." Joking about the unbearable makes it bearable.
Also, I must tell you that I weighed my breasts on a small kitchen scale once, leaning over the counter and just resting one at a time on the platform, and a 36D only weighs about eight ounces. ;)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

It's funny! And, as you said, you needed it.

Only 8 ounces, eh? My 38 D's feel A LOT heavier. But I guess it's all perspective...

solarity said...

They were feeling very heavy that morning, which is why I glanced over at the scale and thought "Hmm?"

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Geosomin said...

Only 8 oz huh? Hmmm...not as effective as we'd thought!! :)

Yum Yucky said...

I think my deflated boob weighs a mere .0056 ounces. Greedy Baby says she doesn't want to grow up to have boobs like me because they're "too flappy".

Keep smiling, friend. xo