Stupid is as stupid does

Last night in my attempt to be "normal" I did a dumb little thing. Nothing major but I will pay the price for a few days. J was out visiting an old friend in town for the weekend so I had myself a movie night...complete with snacks. I decided on ketchup mini rice cakes. One of my favourites.
Why? Well, I know better. In days 5-10 after taxotere my body is at it's worst and very sensitive...any artificial flavours give me INSANE heartburn and with the neuropathy/chemo damage to my mouth and throat I was able to scratch and cut up the inside of my mouth and throat without realising it until the damage was already done. Add in the itchy, sore, watery eyes and body aches and I was a big old ball of suckiness by the end of the night.
Poor J got home to a very sad panda. Yup. I gave in and lost my sh*t a little bit. Thankfully after some proper sulking and a night's sleep the heartburn is gone. Unfortunately I must report this morning that my mouth and throat is still pretty sore, so it's gonna be smoothies and pancakes and other soft foods for a few days until it's recovered. Sigh. 
And I just have to ride out the eyes. They are annoying, but they too will pass.
Yes. It will pass. Last time round, so keep going. That's what I keep reminding myself. By next weekend things should be almost back to whatever the new normal is.
Here's to next weekend


solarity said...

May the new normal come soon!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

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JavaChick said...

Aw! :(

Hang in there!

Yum Yucky said...

I am an inventor, ya know. Told you this before. I could create a pill that thwarts the effects of artificial crap. I'll call it the GEO Pill. I'm gonna do it.