Slow day

Last month I indulged in super posh flufftastic bogg roll. This month I went back to my regular enviroconscious TP.  Our bums are sad :)
Hee hee.
Slow day here. Can you tell?
Climbing back out of the achey twingy side effects and settling into the itchy watery eye portion of the program. This too shall pass. Feeling more human day by day.

My Dad was here for a day on his way back home from Arizona and it was so nice to see him. He is on his way home now. I felt up to visiting and going with him yesterday for his hearing test and then on a Costco run so he could order a set of hearing aids. He has needed to do this for years! Working in a shop with poor hearing protection for years has done a number on his hearing. I had a great day just visiting with him and wandered Costco and picked up a few easy to cook meals for after surgery and some protein powder for recovery meals too. He left me with 4 litres of mexican vanilla ("is that enough?" !!!) so I have vanilla to play with for a good long while. Yum. There will be much baking to come. If any of you want some good vanilla I can hook you up. Can you overdose on vanilla? I hope not. I love the stuff...
I picked up some Wild Roots Coast Berry Blend trail mix....I am already addicted. All my favourite things in a mix with no preservatives. Just plain healthy goodness. Mmmmm.
For breakfast? A vanilla protein shake with fresh strawberries and wheat germ thrown in. So far so good.
Time for some pants I think :)

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solarity said...

I will join you in the itchy watery eyes side effect (of maple pollen).

Mary Anne in Kentucky