Ah. Today has been good. J was home today and we spent the day together.
Thanks to his loveliness I have sweet melon cakes and tea from the chinese bakery (...and I can taste them!!) Mmmmm. Ever had them? Yummy little things these "wife cakes". Haven't been able to find them in ages. Nom. :)
And it is a weekend coming up of relaxing and enjoying each other's company. FInally. I feel much less like a staring sloth and more like a... Yeah. Sure. That works....
 (Shhh...yes it does)

I've been able to keep up with the activity too the last few days despite the stiffness it brings and I think it's a good reason as to why I feel so groovy today. Still moving slowly (and yes the eyes...) but feel like me again. :) This morning I got in a nice 30 minute ride on Spanky the bike and yesterday I did 3 rounds through the following upper body stuff with a 5 Lb dumbell:
10 bicep curls
10 hammer curls
10 side T arm raises
10 bent rows
10 shoulder presses + pull together at the front with bent arms (I have no idea what to call it)
15 tricep extensions
10 kayak abs (that thing where you sit with your legs out and row back and forth across with a weight)

Oh. OH YEAH, and I randomly invented a seriously simple and delicious meal yesterday. Took a piece of nan bread and put 1/4 c of salsa on top of it. Then I spread on a sliced mushroom and a bit of chopped red pepper around the edge (to hold in the next ingredient). Then...(trust me) I cracked 2 eggs on it and sprinkled a T of grated cheese and some pepper on top and baked it for 15 minutes at 400 until the yolks were just barely soft.
SO. Good.
Maybe it's just because my taste buds are finally coming back but it was the best thing I've had in ages.

This weekend our good friends, who are a part of a band called the Young Benjamins, are playing this saturday with another great local band the Classy Chassys. I hope I feel up to getting out to see them. They really are very talented...have a listen. They have a really great sound.

Aaaaaaaand? OK... That's all I've got. I'm off to make some supper.
Have a nice weekend everyone :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Oh yeah, that nan bread concoction sounds wonderful. I was thinking recently how I need to be more fancy with sammich-type fixin's.

Rock on with yo' workouts, girlfriend....