So I have cankles at the moment.
Yup. Since thursday I have been retaining so much water that my abdomen and whole legs are puffy and my calves are very swollen...and sort of just flow right into my little puffy sausage feet and toes. Feels very weird and is making it hard to walk/sit and the like without pain. I was waiting for my water retention to fade like it always has with some exercise but it's just gotten more puffy. It has never been this bad, so this AM after I dropped J off at work I popped into see my GP who thankfully didn't do the old "well that's chemo, what can ya do?" and actually agreed that I needed a little help. He gave me some water pills. Hallelfrickenluyah. Let the great flood begin. It will be nice to walk around without my legs aching from the swelling. Feeling like a marshmallow is just.....wrong.
On the plus side he also checked my eyes and reassured me that they should be OK which was nice to know. Just gotta keep up with the coconut oil and eye drops. They seem to be watering less. SO I tell myself...
I'm gonna be done these side effects soon.
No really. That's what they tell me :)

So, yeah... Today I have a slow day of resting up. My swollen legs aren't really conducive to walking around much and I have some sewing I can do on a costume for comicon so I'm just going to hang out inside away form the snow (sigh) and relax with some tea and pickles. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed as diabetic so my mom-in-law gave us kids most of her canned stuff with sugar in it. I am now rich in pickles, relish and jam. Even beet pickles. Mmmmm.

Happy sunday all!


solarity said…
Down with side effects! (You don't want to be eating those pickley things at the moment, do you?)

Mary Anne in Kentucky
Geosomin said…
You're right...I should lay off the pickles for a while until I deflate a bit...
Yum Yucky said…
Oh, phooey. I hope Cankle-mania soon comes to an end.

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