All hail the mighty nut

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to not scratch my eyes out I slathered my sore, itchy, red, flakey-skinned orbs with coconut oil, took a benadryl and made a giant chicken ceasar salad for supper to distract myself. Much to J's amusement, the benadryl just conked me right out after supper and I ended up sleeping all evening and then just got up long enough to slather on more coconut and move to the bed from the couch. Then I slept all night...
So sadly the the benadryl didn't really help (well OK I was asleep so I can't really judge if it did or not, but I'm not sleeping away the next week).
The coconut oil?
Oh baby.
This morning my eyes feel soft and the skin around them is not red, burning itchy and scaly for the first time in days. My eyes don't hurt. Not at all. They still need some loving and healing since they're still a bit red and still running, but I am ecstatic about this discovery. I can deal with watery eyes alone if this helps moisturize my poor rubbed eyes and lets them recover.

Cononuts 1, Cancer 0.



solarity said...

Yay, coconuts!
(I must speak up for the sleep-effects of benadryl [beanery???says autocorrect insistently]; sleep always helps, says the insomniac over here. Benadryl has never made me even slightly drowsy, or I'd be taking some.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

God's green earth always has the remedy we need!

Geosomin said...

I'm one of those people for whom even non-drowsy meds cause a nap so benadryl puts me right out for a few hours...