Amanda Huginkiss

My current favourite breakfast...
Boil 1 cup of water with 1t vanilla, 1/2 t cinnamon, ~1t molasses and 5 chopped dried apricots. Toss in 1/2 c Rogers Porridge Oats mix (has bran and flax in...yum) and cook around 7 minutes until done to my liking. Serve with a splodge of milk. Mmmm...healthy and good for me, fills me up and helps keep me going. The apricots also add a sweetness so you don't need to add sugar.  The molasses get you a bit of extra iron, calcium and magnesium and helps with the bran to move things along, if ya know what I'm sayin'. If you want extra protein you can even stir in an egg right at the end for yummy fluffy oats. It's good with grated apple too...
I love oatmeal and I've been alternating between this and smoothies for breakfast lately. Yum...

Just hanging out here's supposed to get colder again for a bit so I plan to get out for a nice walk in the sunshine today. Feeling much better and other the eye/nose side effects I seem to be bouncing back energy wise - yep, time for a nice long walk! I think I'll find a few good podcasts and head on out.
Add to that the fact that J is no longer sneezing or sniffling and actually worked out this morning I plan on hugging him today. Lots.
Hooray. :)


Carla said…
(and yep. I love me some MOE. shocking I realize :0))
azusmom said…
Yay! So glad you're both feeling better & can have some cuddle time.
Enjoy the weather!
Yum Yucky said…
Gaaah. I want some oatmeal. It's been foreverrrr since I had some. It's about time J got those sniffles in check. Sheesh!

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